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As a company, it is extremely important to be up-to-date and demonstrate the necessary innovation.

Packaging and innovation MELS is happy to advise and help you or your marketing department in this regard. For the past 40 years, we have specialised in designing and producing tailor-made cardboard products, luxury packaging, displays and placards. As a partner, we are happy to work with you to come up with the best and most innovative end-product within the pre-set budget. Packaging and innovation MELS works in a very transparent manner when it comes to prices and also the development of the product. We design digital (ArtiosCAD) and physical models so that you and your customer can make adjustments where necessary.

We always work with top quality paper and cardboard manufacturers, so that our packaging meets your requirements, and those of your customers. Thanks to our expertise and flexibility, you can rest assured that your product is in good hands.

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  • In the context of the contemporary issues with plastics, it is worth referring back to our original company, which focussed on ‘cardboard’, as this has embedded an ecological approach within our company.
  • In terms of the development and design of product packaging, sample files and similar, the combination of our material expertise and many years of experience enables us to deliver a superlative product.
  • We still produce tailor-made packaging, such as stitched boxes, garage containers, etc.
  • Our punched blank shipment boxes (postal boxes) are also part of our range. All of the packaging can be equipped with interior plinths and compartments.

For manufacturers and offices, we can function as the perfect partner for building a long-term relationship.

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