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As a printing company, it is extremely important to demonstrate innovation and the necessary expertise

Developing tailor-made top quality packaging, displays or placards requires thorough and in-depth knowledge. That is why we often work in a subcontracting capacity with printers who do not have this packaging expertise in-house.

As a subcontractor to Packaging and innovation MELS, we work in a very transparent manner when it comes to prices and also the development of the product. We design digital (ArtiosCAD) and physical models so that you and your customer can make adjustments where necessary.

We always work with top quality paper and cardboard manufacturers, so that our packaging meets your requirements, and those of your customers. Thanks to our expertise and flexibility, you can rest assured that your product is in good hands.

You can offer your client an all-in printing service, from plan sheets, folders, exclusive invitations and name cards, placards with supports, book covers, sheaths, boxes with glued bases and lids, boxes with magnetic closures, postal packages, and original packaging.

Our strenghts

  • Our extensive machinery can manage a range of processes
  • We have a wide range of cardboard types in stock, such as duplex cardboard, graphic grey cardboard of 1 mm to 3 mm and various qualities of corrugated cardboard
  • With our special polar 155 cutter, we can cut your materials to the format you need
  • Fully automatic laminating up to a max. format of 1200 x 1600 mm, paper on various carriers.
  • Gluing printed sheets on selected cardboard quality. Front and back gluing is also an option.
  • Punching paper of various weights to a thickness of +/- 3 mm
  • Box gluing machines, fully automated gluing of box bases and lids
  • Box gluing machines, semi-automated gluing of box bases and lids
  • Further finishing such as assembly, gluing, tape placement
  • We will take care of logistics and packaging.



Our customers

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