About MELS

Respect for tradition and craftsmanship, dedication and a continuous quest for perfection… That is what Packaging and innovation MELS is all about.

For two generations, this family business has been a leading light when it comes to cardboard creations. Packaging and innovation MELS specialises in top quality production of items ranging from product packaging to displays and placards. Depending on your wishes, these can be created in compact or corrugated cardboard.

The family business is continuing to build upon its foundations of tradition and craftsmanship. Along with a modern range of machinery and an eye for innovation, these constitute the company’s formula for success.

An excellent service level also forms part of the day-to-day ambitions of Packaging and innovation MELS. A strong team with specific expertise is constantly seeking out the ideal interpretation of the client’s wishes. Well-thought out planning, flexibility, accurate pricing/quotes and an appropriate lead time are all an integral part of the process.

All of this results in a superlative product: cardboard products of the very highest quality.

Our strengths

Lead time

Speed is one of our features. We guarantee short lead times and respect for your deadlines.

Small, individualised runs

Our team is engaged in an ongoing quest for perfection and goes the extra mile for each and every project. We hope to fulfil all of your expectations, be they large or small. You can also come to our experts for individual runs. We always offer a personalised approach!

Our customers

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