The packaging for an online order is often the last physical link between a brand and its consumers

We are seeing online retailers increasingly investing in unique shipment packaging that links into the brand experience. With the right packaging, you are optimising the customer experience but also realising a positive impact on material costs.

At Packaging and innovation MELS, we have been capitalising on this trend for luxury e-commerce boxes, in small or larger runs, for some time. The more photogenic the packaging, the greater the chance that your sales will be stimulated via social sharing. For example, by arranging items neatly in the box, rather than just throwing them in. Postal packages with personalised printing, inlays, golden film, fefco 427 with locks, bases, lids and envelope boxes with tear-off strips all contribute towards the experience associated with your brand. Curious about the options?

Not a standard solution but customised e-commerce packaging with the look & feel that links directly into your product and brand.

You determine the design, dimensions, material and the layout.
Our team will advise you on the options for your unique box and house-style.

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