Point of sales

You can incorporate various POS (point of sale) material to promote an article or product, including:

Placards, ceiling hangers, cubes, top cards, totems, table displays, etc.

Placards can be supplied with glued-on back support, or can be printed with exclusive, eye-catching print work. To give placards a three-dimensional aspect, you can loosely glue the printed sheet so that the front looks slightly curved. This is called an air placard.

Table displays can be designed in a similar way.

You can incorporate ceiling hangers in larger areas. With the right hanging systems and a figurative cut-out (e.g. an image of your product), your ceiling hangers can also be used for marketing purposes.

On larger displays, you can apply imaginative top cards. Figurative hole-punched top cards will generate more interest from shoppers.

If you want to attract attention with larger structures, stackable cubes are an interesting option. You can incorporate messages on all four sides of the cubes. Cubes can also be produced in different sizes.

Totems or life-size figures are also possible. Totems or life-size figures can function as sales tools and attract attention. Totems and life-size figures can also be finished in limited runs. Digital prints and plotting make it possible to reduce fixed costs.

To promote your products or services, you can present them in leaflet displays. These leaflet displays can be adapted to all possible dimensions. Leaflet displays with mounted leaflet tray, or with a rotating system, are also possible. Take a look in our photo gallery.

Counter displays can place your product in the spotlight. With a custom-made product display, this will definitely be an eye-catcher. These product displays can be made shelf-ready. These counter displays are delivered to your distribution warehouses completely filled and individually packed. Shelf-ready counter displays can immediately be put out in the sales racks. These counter displays can also be supplied flat and filled by your own staff.

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